I'm Hamish, a Junior Doctor in the NHS, I'm frustrated with the technology we use and how this affects our patients

Let's Fix It

First Project

Let's fix the list.

Believe it or not, when you're in hospital it's highly likely that your doctor is keeping a record of your progress in a Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet. These are updated and printed daily and carried around the hospital. When new results are reported or when new tasks are made, these are written on to this paper sheet and then updated at the end of the day.

As archane as this may seem, it has turned out to be a highly efficient and effective way of holding patient information.  There are certainly significant drawbacks of this system:

There are many commercial systems available for managing patient information in electronic lists which are encrypted and carried on smartphones. The NHS hasn't bought into these systems because they are prohibitively expensive - both in set up and maintenance fees.

Minimally Viable Project

As I'm learning, the best way to start with a project like this is to identify what elements are absolutely essential to the user group. This minimally viable project is then deployed with feedback sought for the existing features as well as any feature requests.

The essential features are: